"I like the whole vibe a lot!  The guitar playing always does it for me....and that world/Brazilian setting you're in...I love that!" - Chieli Minucci - Three time Daytime Emmy Award Winner, Grammy Nominee Producer, Composer, Arranger, and Guitarist for his contemporary jazz group Special EFX.


Hi Alan...

“I received your "Liminality" CD today and absolutely loved it. I went ahead and added the following tracks to my station's playlist effective this evening.”

--Suddenly A Sign


--Mountain Girl

--Finding Home

They will all get 1-2 spins daily for at least the next 60 days. Here's to a great run on Rhythm & Jazz Radio!

Best regards,

Mike Fernandez-Owner/Program Director Rhythm & Jazz Radio www.rhythmandjazz.com



“I got the CD a couple of days ago. It is beautiful, my friend. I love it! I am programming three songs for the new playlist, that will start spinning hopefully on Sunday evening or Monday afternoon.  The songs: "Samba De Mo" "Liminality" and "Mountain Girl."  I am in awe by such musicality!  Your album is fabulous!"

Love & Jazz,




Your CD is in our playlist:

1) Claudanza

2) Liminality

3) Samba De Mo

4) Sweet relief

5) The welcoming

6) You can't own the rain

all made it to our playlist...Congratulations.

Dr. Honore Kamany, www.radiojazzplus.com


Hi Alan, We have added all (11) of the tracks you sent us to our playlist.

Blessings Richard Footitt -  www.cosmicdimensions.com


“I’ll keep playing your CD because there is some great music in there. ” Graham Johnson - www.smoothjazz905.com - 2CCR-FM Sydney, Australia


“My personal favorite is Lullaby For Anais.” Gord Bibby - CHLY 101.7 - www.chly.ca


“Your music is especially peaceful and  relaxing yet gives a powerful  sense of being and oneness that fills not only the heart but the  environment.  I am going to add your CD to the healing music page also. I believe it's peace and warmth is totally healing.Very NICE.  Thank  YOU for sharing your gift.” - Jane Myers - www.mindmasteryradio.com


“Just a quick note to let you know that two of your tracks are now on  air. Your compositions are soul-stirring and meditative and we are  proud to be able to air them through our station. Thank you! Keep up  the good work and all the best!”

Pramod. Spirit Imprints Radio, India


“Its’ a wonderful album. Lullaby for Anais is a beautiful melody”  - Marcia Hillman - www.allaboutjazz.com


Hi Alan,

“We just received your CD and are very appreciative to play your beautiful music on the air.  This week we'll put the music on the air  as a regular rotation.  No only that, we'll also put your cd cover,  contact info, and a little bit of your journey to Brazil, as well as, a  few music samples on our website.  This will be there for one month. “

- Alan Kinner


Dear Alan:  Very nice album!  Would love to put a few tracks into rotation on my Sunday Chill program.  Please send me some mp3 files and I'll put them on right away. - DJ Chiron


I have reviewed a few of your tracks from "Liminality" and would like  to add the entire CD to my playlists.  Very nice and soothing music  that I feel will fit in perfectly with the "soothing sounds for the  soul" on ARIES' ERA.  At this time, ARIES' ERA is rated #28 in the New  Age genre on live365 out of over 600 other New Age broadcasters. It is by continuing to air such wonderful music as yours that has allowed to hit an all time record rating. "D"


“After listening to your stuff for awhile, I really like "Lullaby For  Anais;" sometimes it takes a while for good music to sink in.” kindest, George Massenburg - multiple Grammy Award Winner for Engineer, Producer, Technical Achievement and founder of GML Labs.


“I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!  love love love it.  With every track, I was thinking "this is my favorite one so far" and the next one was just as brilliant.  I think all in all, my most favorite piece is Claudanza, it was so exciting and I was almost breathless waiting to hear what would  happen next.  My second favorite piece was the Ballad of the Peaceful  Warrior.  And of course, the title track, Liminality, it was  overwhelmingly peaceful and kind and exhuberant and brilliant.  Lullaby for Anais was completely wonderful. Oh i just love them all." JM


“ Liminality is truly a creative musical experience that any serious  music - lover would appreciate and I am proud to be a featured musician on this CD...It soars into the heights of music splendor.  Here’s what  comes to my mind after listening to the entire CD...PEACEFULNESS, INSPIRATION, SPIRITUALITY, LOVE, NATURE AND HOPE.”  Angel Short and AC


Hey Alan,
"I received my CD copy of Liminality yesterday. Thank you so much for autographing a copy of your great record! I have listened to it once all the way through and on first listen I was very impressed with the heart and soul behind the obvious incredible musicality. You play all the instruments great, and the recorded sound is just great. I am really blown away...the DW kit sounds great as well! Teriffic compositions that really speak to the soul Alan. That's what great music is supposed to do."  Michael J


“ Liminality and gorgeous Carolina weather go hand in hand! Thanks for  that! Something about your CD lifts my spirits and gets deep within my  soul.”  LC


“I've got to thank you again for your CD. Sue and I love listening to  it at the country house. We make some nice drinks, hang on the porch  and drop in your CD. It's perfect.”  GW


"Thank you for the wonderful CD. I just got the CD yesterday and love  the packaging also.  You are surrounded by fabulous energy, music and  light, that guides you in beautiful ways.  Thanks again for such  blissful listening pleasure. " JF


" I wanted to thank you for the beautiful CD!  I just loved the arrangements and the way it was composed.  I am going to play it at  work.  I use music therapy with the children with autism while we  work  and it helps their attention span, focusing ability and cooperation  level. "  SM


" The CD is wonderful.  I was recently wishing that I could find some  music for bedtime that would really really work for that time...especially for the boy...and wah lah! - you send it directly to my home.

“School has started again and we've found that  "Liminality" has the  suitable sounds to start the day off agitation free.  You know how most  sounds are just wrong when they're waking you up...thanks for providing  a gentle atmosphere to start and finish any day with...beautiful."  DG


" I am blown away! What beautiful music. The complexity and simplicity  of the music is wonderful. Something I want to listen to over and over.  I close my eyes  and instantly I am floating away. "  LN


" You got it goin' ON!!!  Your music is very relaxing and soothing.  I  love Brasilian music and you certainly have some super overtones  weaving through. "  MT


" I played your CD and it is really beautiful.  It brought me to a very  peaceful state and it was nice knowing that it was your energy, and the  Spirits, that created it.  Thank you. "  BM


"Liminality is outstanding - wonderful music, and beautifully performed." DD


"Thanks so much for sending me your new CD.  I have been listening to  it on my drives out to West Marin where I board my horse.  The music  and beautiful countryside make for an enjoyable and relaxing ride."   MM


"I wanted to tell you how much I am enjoying Liminality.  I listen to  it at work, You have reason to feel very proud on happy with your  accomplishment.  It is delightful everyday."  DD


"I've got your CD in my car stereo and also on my iPod playlist for  open houses so I listen to it often.  Congratulations on such good  work! " CD


“ The testimonials are great and all so true.  I use it every day in  one of my classes.  I have gotten to used to hearing the nice relaxing  sounds.”  SM


“Your music has some deep power to it so I'm wanting to bring it to all levels of my being so I'm going to try some deep breathing with eyes closed with it next time.  Thanks for inspiring!”  Leo

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Liminality is a period of transition, a threshold, where normal limits to thought, self understanding and behavior are relaxed...a situation which can lead to new perspectives. Where one's sense of identity dissolves...to some extent.  The result is a unique perspective on what has come before...and what may come next...

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